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Dearborn, Michigan 1 comment
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This company does excellent painting work and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting any painting done either for a business or a home.Dan who is the owner of the company did a good size job in our home and when it was finished we were very happy with the results.

After he left we noticed some minor things that needed to be repaired or fixed and he came back out 3 different times to rectify the situation.

He was not happy until we were completely satisfied.I would recommend him to all who are looking for a fantastic painter.

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Yeah,yeah,yeah. I'm sure you would.

Newton painting company

Canton, Michigan 0 comments
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The owner has satisfied my complaints.He has bent over backwards to please me.

He was intent on making me a happy customer and he succeeded. He is a very detail oriented painter and a perfectionist. When he saw my complaints he came back out to rectify anything I was not happy with. Will I hire this company to come back to my home?


I found this man to be very honest and aboveboard with his estimates, and I absolutely LOVE his work.I regret my rash decision in writing my complaints on this sight before speaking to him first.

Newton painting company

Detroit, Michigan 0 comments
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I have gotten past my anger and frustration of this company and would like to elaborate on their services.was their painting job a good 1?

yes, excellent actually. did they finish what was on the contract? no. they were very careless with the furniture left in the rooms, but i could have insisted they do what they promised and completely covered all my furniture.

did they do everything they told me they would do? no. they were careless with leaving cans of paint left around when they went home which resulted in a big mess in my home. but they did come out right away when i called to clean it up.

they weren't very professional. from the beginning the addition and subtraction were way off. they talked not only about the other workers but the customer when they thought they couldn't be heard.

would i hire them for another job?sadly, no

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Newton painting company in michigan

Detroit, Michigan 0 comments
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my husband warned me not to take this company as they are scatterbrained about writing contracts.their work wasnt bad, but wasnt all that great either.

1 partner ruined a good piece of furniture, i worker lost several parts that cost us more money to replace and had smart comments to make even though i was in ear shot. they made themselves at home by going into my refrigerator for food without having been given permission. they took more breaks and phone calls that slowed them down. they left paint cans not completely sealed which caused almost a full gallon of paint to flow over my kitchen floor.

they are not careful about being around glass, almost breaking some. they did not finish the work to be done even though i had reminded them of it but they ignored me.

i wanted them out of my house as fast as i VERY careful if you decide to hire these people.

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